Adam & Rolly Redland

Hands down one of the best investments we make every year is using Sweet Pro Mineral. Being a low input ranch in north central Wyoming feeding little to no hay, our cattle make our living by being able to productively graze year around off of diverse forages. Sweet Pro mineral helps by not only maximize the nutritional value of those forages but also maximizing our cows profitability by increasing their overall health, their calves health, & unborn calves health. Added benefits we have seen is the lack of sickness during calving season (scours, pneumonia), also the ability for the cows to naturally synchronize their breeding cycles together helping us go from a 90 day calving period to a 60 day calving period. This has been one of the easiest ways for us to help return more to our bottom line, by helping keep our cattle healthier, we get females in full production for 3-4 more years, more live calves come shipping time.

Adam & Rolly Redland Redland Red Bank Angus - Ten Sleep, WY