Eric Thompson

We have a Grand Prix horse with loads of talent but not the easiest keeper. I’ve had horses in the past like him that seem like nothing works. Feeding him more volume fails because he’s also picky. Rarely, will he finish his breakfast by lunch. To add injury to insult, he got an infection in his leg in the fall and and lost all the muscle tone we worked so hard to get. This winter, the horse was truly at ground zero. After meeting Mike at Redmond, we decided that this horse would be the best candidate for Daily Gold. He’s been on it for a few months now and the results are remarkable. Now, looking back at the symptoms, it was clear he had ulcers as the root cause of all his problems. The Daily Gold not only cooled out his gut, but also stimulated his appetite. It makes sense. On a side note, my wife never eats breakfast because of an upset stomach in the mornings. After Mike recommended Redmond Clay, ( the human grade daily gold), her GI issues subsided and now I scramble eggs for two instead of eating alone, but back to the horse. In the first week, I noticed our horse was finishing his breakfast like the others. Every day, it seemed there was a different horse in the stall. He had more flesh, more energy and better muscle tone. I’ve since taken him off every other supplement except Daily Gold. Instead of having to over feed, he eats a portion consistent with the other horses his size. I can’t stress enough how much Daily Gold has improved our horse’s condition. All of our horses are now on Daily Gold. We have discontinued our ulcer supplements with great results. I can testify that Daily Gold performs exactly as advertised.

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