Klint Swanson

We were nothing less than impressed with the results of our replacement heifers last winter on the SweetPro blocks. With only grass hay, KafKandi blocks, and Redmond salt, the heifers came into spring in perfect condition – cycling like crazy. Health throughout the winter was excellent and their performance was right on target. We actually witnessed a reduction in the consumption of hay which significantly reduced our input costs. I think that the chelated minerals and the digestive aids which help the animals utilize lower quality forages are very beneficial. Feeding the tubs every ten days is very convenient and they are also very easy to handle. Having access to the product that has all of these benefits is very exciting in today’s world of agriculture. At this point, I’m very comfortable recommending the SweetPro and Redmond salt combination. It sure has done the job for us.

Klint SwansonShipwheel Cattle Company Chinook, MT