Reno & Gwen Shepperson

Our heifers have been a very interesting study in fetal programming. We have 67 heifers that were born here from mother cows that were on SweetPro for their entire breeding and gestation period. We have 20 heifers that are from our other ranch that’s Reno’s brother runs, and those heifers’ mothers were only on SweetPro during the harsh winter months in the last trimester of gestation. Out of our current total of 29 calved out heifers, only THREE are from the other ranch’s bunch, the remaining 26 that have calved are from our bunch here, (the remaining herd of heifers from the other place is being calved out by my niece/nephew, and they have 11) meaning, our heifers bred up on the first cycle at a rate that is over twice as fast than the other ranch’s heifers. Its a good comparison b/c the mother cow and bull genetics are the same in both herds, and the heifers from both places were all consolidated as yearlings into one pasture for breeding last season, so they all grazed the same range, serviced by the same bulls. Conception rate for our group of heifers was significantly higher at preg testing as well.

Reno & Gwen Shepperson KS Ranch - Arminto, WY