Reno Shepperson

SweetPro has had a significant impact w/ our 2 yr old calving heifers in the corral. Our hay consumption rate is way down–we used to feed 4, 1700 lb bales/day to 200 heifers, whereas now our consumption is down to 2.75 bales, with under 1lb of SweetPro FiberMate 20 consumption per day. With today’s hay prices, every bit sure helps! Our heifers have more milk, are stronger calvers and our calf scour death loss has dropped to almost zero. We rarely have a cow that does not clean within 24hrs of calving. Calves learn to eat SweetPro right alongside their mothers in the pastures, and even our neighbors have noted how much thicker and beefier our calves are now, even before green grass. SweetPro has provided us with more piece of mind and herd health than any other supplement we’ve fed previously.

Reno SheppersonKS Ranch - Arminto, WY