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25% Improvement in Forage Feed Efficiency


Now with feed efficiency boost, the cost of maintaining your horse in top condition can be reduced. EquiPride is a top-dress which combines several nutritional factors into one powerful supplement. EquiPride blends vitamins, organic complexed minerals, stabilized milled flax and distillers grains with ProBiotein®, a proprietary additive.

ProBiotein is a proprietary blend-additive consisting of yeast culture, prebiotic oligosaccharides, enzymes, and protein isolates. The Yeast in ProBiotein, cultured on a media of wheat, oats, barley malt and flax, is rich in biotin and other nutrients to aid digestion. The Oligosaccharides, often called “prebiotics,” because they feed the beneficial probiotic bacteria, are a key part of the ProBiotein additive. These prebiotics help maintain good digestive tract health.

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Enzymes, the catalysts of digestion are included in a fibrinolytic, amylolytic & proteolytic array to assist fiber, protein and mineral utilization.

Flax helps in many ways. The oil is dense energy which is high in Omega 3 fatty acid content. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid often missing in modern diets. Flax is also among the richest sources of lignans, which help improve immune function. Organic complexed minerals are featured. Zinc, copper and manganese are complexed, or bound to protein instead of other minerals, assuring high bioavailability.

EquiPride also includes ethyl alcohol to raise palatability, enhance fiber digestion and add another non-starch energy source.  (Click Here for Product Tags)

EquiPride is available in:

  • 25 lb Pails
  • 50 lb Bags

Garlic Now Standard in all EquiPride & EquiLix products from Agri-Best Feeds!

A New Horse Lick


EquiLix offers a two-part nutritional benefit without molasses. A healthy horse looks better and costs less to maintain. Now with EquiLix feed efficiency boosts, the cost of maintaining your horse in top condition can be reduced.

  • Improves appearance, performance and immune function through better feed digestion.
  • Meters our buffered benefits to combat gastric distress.

SweetPro pioneered the solidification of fermentation feeds such as distillers grain into solid blocks and now they’ve developed aown new fermentation process to produce a unique “blend additive” call ProBiotein. Yeast and enzyme levels in ProBiotein greatly enhance the digestion of forages, so horses get more out their hay. 

Organic complex trace minerals help improve bioavailability of those important minerals. Plus they’re adding the FlaxFactor—stabilized milled flax with its high levels of healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

Complex carbohydrates versus the simple sugars of molasses are nutritionally superior and stay solid in summer heat, eliminating sticky areas that can trap dirt and attract flies.  (Click Here for Product Tags)

EquiLix is available in:

  • 50 lb pan
  • 125 lb pan
  • 250 lb block

Garlic Now Standard in all EquiPride & EquiLix products from Agri-Best Feeds!

My husband and I own Midnight Corona and we breed around 40 mares a year to him. Before we found Agri-Best Feeds, Midnight would get sore and we would have to inject him to get through breeding season. Midnight has been on EquiLix tub or EquiPride crumbles for over 3 year now and since on the product we have not had to inject him at all or even worry about him having ulcers or colic. Midnight also semen ships very well and always has, however the numbers went from 85% mobility to around 95% mobility since on the product. We get calls from all the vets we ship around the United States and are told that he ships very well and one of the best studs semen they have seen. Midnight loves his product during breeding season January to August he is on 3 scoops of EquiPride in a little bit of grain. Off breeding season he has a PI 50lb EquiLix tub in his pen plus all year round her has a Redmond salt and Selenium block. His feet are great and we just trim him every 8 to 10 weeks. Coat is shinny and always looks fit and in shape. Luke & JoBeth Hutchinson - Belgrade, MT ★★★★★

Feeding Instructions

EquiPride Feeding Instructions

  • Okay to start without changing anything…just add to the daily feed.
  • Top dress on the grain or just plain (direct).
  • Back out other supplements.

3 Scoops

(1.5 oz/cwt of body weight)

For performance horses, working horses, “hard keepers,” stressed, colicing or sick horse use 3 scoops per day.

Will last: 25 days

2 Scoops

(1 oz/cwt of body weight)

For maintenance or continuing a stressed horse after it has shown marked improvement.

Will last: 40 days

Note: One full Cup of the included scoop weighs 5 oz. Do not exceed 4 lbs / hd in one day. Keep sealed to minimize evaporative loss of ethyl alcohol and organic acids.

  • Feed 1 oz daily per 100 lbs (cwt) of body weight (10 oz for a 1,000 lb horse).
  • One full Cup of the included scoop weighs 5 oz.
  • Feeding may be increased 50 percent (1.5 oz / cwt) to improve initial intake and performance.
  • Do not exceed 4 lbs / hd in one day.

EquiLix Feeding Instructions

  • Before feeding EquiLix blocks for the first time, animals should be well fed and have access to plenty of clean fresh water.
  • Have one lick block available for each 5 to 15 head of horses.
  • Provide an adequate source of good quality forage at all times.
  • Place lick blocks near areas where animals loaf and at least 100 yards from water.
  • Make EquiLix blocks available in more than one location in large pastures or where more than one water source is available.
  • If animals run out of EquiLix, repeat from step one.
  • Other salt and minerals maybe provide free choice to balance specific rations.
  • A two-week adaptation will be required to establish a base consumption rate.
  • The above feeding directions are general guidelines and will vary with the overall feeding conditions. Always adapt to your specific requirements.