Clients, Dealers, Lending Institutions - Statement From Agri-Best Feeds

We are navigating some uncharted waters this summer in the aftermath of Covid-19, cattle market volatility and weather challenges, including drought potential across much of our region. Ranchers and feed supply stores have been identified as essential workers. We must also recognize the essential nutrient needs of livestock for maintenance, reproduction, lactation, and growth.

The forage that is available for livestock is of utmost importance as it meets many of their foundational dietary needs. While forage may meet most of the nutrient requirements of livestock, there are “gaps” between what the forage provides and what the animal needs to reach their genetic potential. When these “gaps” are not addressed, performance, health, efficiency, longevity, and profitability suffer compounding producers’ ability to survive, maintain, or thrive through these challenging times. Supplementation can fill in these “gaps”.

Almost all livestock must be have supplemental salt available; most will need supplemental minerals and vitamins; and many will need supplemental protein and/or energy. Agri-Best Feeds encourages our clients, dealers, and supporting lending institutions to look for strategic, efficient, and economic ways to supplement livestock as a way to maintain our food supply as well as producers’ livelihood.

Agri-Best Feeds looks to come along beside producers to help them maximize the genetic potential of their herd by supporting animal health and performance, maximize forage utilization, and support producers’ profitability.

SweetPro: Our flagship product line is a distiller’s based complete supplement with a full vitamin and mineral package along with a powerful digestive aid that helps livestock get up to 25% more nutrition out of every bite of forage. This results in cattle performing better on LESS forage (true feed efficiency).

Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt: The salt we recommend has 60+ naturally balanced trace minerals. Not only are the livestock’s salt needs met, they also get a trace mineral “tune up” and “safety net”.

Natural Plant Extracts: Extracts can be economically added to either SweetPro or Redmond. Garlic extracts provides a natural insect repellent for around 3 cents per head per day and our Stress Blend (cinnamon, cloves, chili pepper extracts) can also be added to either SweetPro or Redmond to support good gut health and reduce heat stress.

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