Drive Thru Gates

ATV and Side by Side drive thru gates are efficient free standing gates designed to accommodate all types of ATV and UTV models.  These spring loaded gates easily attach to any fence or corral for your convenience.  2 models are available: 7' wide and 8' wide.

We have 9 Drive Thru Gate and I love them! They are well built. During breeding season I try to check the bulls daily to make sure they are still in. Checking 3 pastures I can put 7-10 miles on the atv every day. Nice not having to open/close gates and I can just make a circle as the pastures do not border each other. This year I will have it where I don’t have to open/close gates to get into the hay fields - short of breakdowns and need a bigger vehicle that is. They’re just handy. Haycreek Angus Gelbvieh - Wende Gianino Boyes, MT ★★★★★