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We have 9 ATV Drive Thru Gate and I love them! They are well built. During breeding season I try to check the bulls daily to make sure they are still in. Checking 3 pastures I can put 7-10 miles on the atv every day. Nice not having to open/close gates and I can just make a circle as the pastures do not border each other. This year I will have it where I don’t have to open/close gates to get into the hay fields - short of breakdowns and need a bigger vehicle that is. They’re just handy.

Wende Gianino Haycreek Angus Gelbvieh Boyes, MT

The best thing about EquiPride is that you can top dress alfalfa pellets for old horses. So, where if people are spending $30 a bag for senior feed and sometimes you have to feed up to 10 lbs of senior feed per day, you can actually go buy alfalfa pellets for $15 for a 40 lb bag and then top dress it with EquiPride and with the supreme probiotics in there it actually helps old horses to digest because their intestines don’t work like they used to so that helps their digestion. It’s got fat in it, which also older horses need a higher amount of fat. And then it has a complete vitamin and mineral supplement which older horses can easily break down. So for older horses, it’s one of the best products out there; I’ve had great success with it.

Ok, now let’s go to weanlings and if you ever look around and see people’s weanlings, they’ll have these fat, wormy bellies. And everybody thinks they’re wormy, they’re not. The problem is, their mother’s milk is helping them digest their food down and when they switch over to a hay diet or off the mare to be weaned, their belly poofs up because it’s just not ready to break that stuff down, it’s just not prepared. So when you feed EquiPride, it actually puts the probiotics in the belly which helps the babies get their food off or get their food broke down. You also aren’t graining the tar out of them where you start to have OCD problems or horses that grow too fast and they kind of have ligament problems. It’s just a really easy way, again you can mix it with oats or alfalfa pellets, you do not have to spend a pile of money on it.

Ok, and my 3rd reason that I absolutely love EquiLix is my brood mares. I can turn my brood mares out on good grass and EquiLix and I don’t have to grain them. Those horses have a complete mineral/vitamin package and they do beautifully on these products. They have great hair coat, they maintain weight well, their feet look great. It’s just an easy way to take care of your brood mares where you don’t have to run everybody in separately and grain them separately. They’re just getting exactly what they need on their own . It’s an affordable option compared to grain, especially right now compared to graining horses. 

Another thing I should add in there is those weanlings come Spring, they look like they are ready to go to the track. I don’t know – a tracking look is a very nice look on a horse and these babies look like they are fed up and ready to go to the track and I didn’t give them anything but oats and EquiPride. It just kind of testifies to what a great product it is and how simple a product it is to feed with big results.

Kendel Hoffer - Kendel's Equine Dentistry Williston, ND

My number one reason for using EquiLix is the condition that my animal athletes stay in year-round. They have all the energy and all the power was out having the big belly or the high from sugars or starches in other feeds. It’s the perfect ratio of all the vitamins, minerals and proteins that you need to maintain a perfect body score.

The second reason I use the product is the probiotic that is in the supplement. We travel to places all over the country and forage tends to change by staying on the supplement my horses do not skip a beat and still perform in tiptop shape. 

Another reason we enjoy the product is the MOS for our mares to help our breeding program and the added benefit it helps our studs and mares be more fertile. 

Last, but not least the garlic has been a huge help in helping with recovery on the road. The availability of the lick allows my horses to get what they need when they need it rather than when we give it to them. It’s important to realize giving an animal the ability to get what they need. 24/7 is much better than force feeding them at your convenience. It also serves as a stress reliever. The Lick is a constant, it’s always there for them, but it also does not hinder their athletic performance because they only consume a pound to 2 pounds a day rather than feeding an animal 8 to 12 pounds of grain.

EquiLix has been a game changer for our professional Bucking horse business. My horses perform just as good late in August and September as they do in early June. Consistency is the key and that’s exactly what it provides.

I would also like to add the convenience of getting the product where I need it when I need it and not hauling it everywhere myself is a huge convenience and allows me to keep my horses on the product all the time. Making the same product available all over the country is huge and being consistent.

John Franzen - Powder River Rodeo Riverton, WY

First and foremost I would like to sing praises to my dealer, Kelsey Martin (Zammer Co) in Washington State. Not only is his customer service amazing, but he is highly knowledgeable in the product.

I have a friend who suggested I try Equilix for my one TB gelding due to his typical TB pie plate hooves. I have 5 horses and two who I've been frustrated trying to figure out a feeding program.

At first, I must admit I was a bit skeptical, however, now....I would like to highly commend your product line, Equilix for the following reasons:

25 year old Mare - Her coat was starting to get long even through the summers. She is now shiny, short coat and can take me up the mountain to the 5,000' elevation on trailrides without stopping.

15 year old TB gelding - We have been fighting with lameness issues for years due to chronic abscesses and weak soles. His abscesses have cleared up, his coat is slick and shiny, and the lameness issues have dissipated.

19 year old gelding - My favorite show horse developed Leptospirosis from contaminated feed roughly 7 years ago. He has been permanently blind from it. His coat was dry, dull and long. It didn't matter what I fed him nothing really helped his coat. Since feeding him the Equilix, his sight has been coming back in the left eye, his coat is slick & shiny! I'm thrilled to actually want to ride him again.

15 year old TB mare - She is extremely shiny and her temperament evened out. She is no longer a hormonal queen.

15 yr old NSH Gelding - His coat is slick, shiny, and he is no longer a jackwagon.

All of their hooves have drastically improved and my farrier is amazed...even with the TB Gelding.

No response is needed. I always believe in giving commendations to products that are outstanding and work beyond expectations.

-Kim Irwin - Ferndale, WA

I started using Redmond Conditioner in early 2021. I have a backgrounding yard in which I specialize in Bull development. I also feed replacement heifers and feeder steers. I have been developing bulls for almost 30 years.

A lot has changed during that time especially when it comes to the genetic potential and performance of the cattle that are being fed today. Maximizing performance along with building muscle, structural soundness and fertility in bulls has always been our goal in the development process. 

This development process has always come with its challenges. One of these challenges has always been overeating disease. A real issue can be early on in the starting on feed process and that is over consumption of feed stuffs resulting in a low level of acidosis and thus a quick bloat situation and usually death. All of this happens fairly fast without a lot of notice.

I have tried to manage this problem several ways over the years but have never really found a solution. In conversation with Dwain Hould from Agri-Best he suggested I put Redmond Conditioner in my TMR at a 4oz. level for three weeks and move to a 2 oz. level after that. I continued the 2 oz. level for the rest of the feeding season.

Dwain explained to me that the conditioner absorbs toxins in the bulls system and passes it out. Within a week of using this product in my TMR, I noticed a definite change in the cattle. One sign was no more high sided bulls after they ate. Another sign was that one could tell the bulls were a lot more comfortable and not so agitated. After that time I did not have one case of acidosis bloat for the rest of the season.

Problem solved thanks to Redmond Conditioner.

-Bruce Hould - Malta, MT

"My husband and I own Midnight Corona and we breed around 40 mares a year to him. Before we found Agri-Best Feeds, Midnight would get sore and we would have to inject him to get through breeding season. Midnight has been on EquiLix tub or EquiPride crumbles for over 3 year now and since on the product we have not had to inject him at all or even worry about him having ulcers or colic. Midnight also semen ships very well and always has, however the numbers went from 85% mobility to around 95% mobility since on the product. We get calls from all the vets we ship around the United States and are told that he ships very well and one of the best studs semen they have seen. Midnight loves his product during breeding season January to August he is on 3 scoops of EquiPride in a little bit of grain. Off breeding season he has a PI 50lb EquiLix tub in his pen plus all year round her has a Redmond salt and Selenium block. His feet are great and we just trim him every 8 to 10 weeks. Coat is shinny and always looks fit and in shape."

– Luke & JoBeth Hutchinson - Belgrade, MT

"When I first decided to use the Equilix at Powder River Rodeo, I wasn’t sold right away. I had used protein tubs before and spent a lot of money due to not being able to control the intake. Plus all the tubs were completely full of sugars and starches. We first put the recommend use to 80 head of mares in foal, and the tubs would be gone to the day of the correct intake, it was truly eye opening. You didn’t see the same ol pigs sitting at the same tub all day with their faces covered in molasses. We also saw a huge increase in our foal rates. At first I always believed horses needed grain or something like that so you could ensure they were getting what they needed while on the road, but after using

Equilix tubs and the EquiPride loose supplement, we found they have a better chance of getting what they need because they have more opportunities to be at the tub in 24 hour period rather than just when you grain. If you have large bunches of horses it’s hard to ensure each individual horse is getting the right amount of grain, either timid or eating slow lots of different factors. What I have found with the tubs is each horse in a set of 30 or larger gets what they need and my horses look and feel great. Having one or two horses is easy to keep them separate and ensure each one is getting their daily vitamins and minerals, but try it with 150 to 300 head. This is the first supplement tub we have found to go above and beyond what our horses need, and keep the intake to what the recommended dose each day for each horse is. This essentially is important for the amount of money you will be spending, cuts down of hay intake and saves you money while keeping your horses in spectacular shape. We also noticed a huge difference in the horses who were on the tubs as to horses that were not this summer with fly control, we also did not worm our horses this past year and all of them look great. The garlic in the product truly does work. Our horses performed on average as good or better when on the road this past season and we did not feed them any grain. We also noticed they cut back on their hay intake keeping their big bellies off for increased bucking ability. I recommend Agribest feeds to everyone, they have many great products like Redmond Salt which accompanied our tubs very well. Agribest has by far the best customer service, if I need feed or if I have questions they always give the educated answers I look for or have the feed to me ASAP."

– John Franzen, Powder River Rodeo - PRCA Remuda of the Year 2019

"We’ve managed CM Dude Ranch for 10 years with about 110 + horses. The ages ranging from newborns – around 30 years old. We’ve been using the Redmond Salt for 3 years and the EquiLix tubs for about 2 years. Our horses have healthier coats, some have completely changed colors, and the old boys are holding their weight. We haven’t dealt with any colic, and our ticks haven’t been

as bad. With such a big herd, the initial consumption can be a little scary! However, now I’ve noticed that there is no “feeding frenzy” when feeding hay, and after just a little time at the hay, they are leaving it. With wonderful coaching from our super knowledgeable Rep, who makes deliveries, there for us if we have any questions or concerns (I have him on speed dial), and takes the time to walk us through what we should see and experience, I feel like we are completely turning the health of our horses around. This is an amazing product, and needs more representation in the horse world for sure!"

– Mollie and Hunter Sullivan - CM Ranch, Dubois, WY

''We expect a cow to go out there and make a living. We don’t feed a whole lot of hay unless we get deep snow where they can’t get to the grass. I’m calving a bunch of three year olds at my place right now and they haven’t had any hay all winter. We had a lot of snow in December but it blew off some on the ridges and those three year old are in excellent condition. In the winter time we are supplementing the cow. She’s going to get enough energy out of the grass but she can’t get enough protein. The SweetPro is different than the other supplements we’ve tried over the years in that you are feeding the microbes in the rumen. If you are feeding the microbes correctly, she will digest the roughage and utilize it. Breed back had been good, really good. We feed supplement to our yearling heifers, actually starting before they are weaned. They will stay on it, year round, until after they calve as three year olds- the toughest year of their lives. They are facing a lot of physical demands as they are still growing, feeding their first calf, and we are asking them to also re-breed. Last year he reported 99% bred on the three year olds with only one open cow, and believes their feeding program deserves some of the credit. I’m not saying it will for everybody, but it’s worked very well for our operation. There are a lot of folks who graze off all their grass during the summer and feed hay all winter. We just think that’s too expensive. SweetPro is not the magic bullet, it’s a management tool that you have to use in conjunction with a lot of other things you are doing, but we wouldn’t be using it if it didn’t work well for us.''

– Don Herzog - Rapelje, MT

''We have a Grand Prix horse with loads of talent but not the easiest keeper. I’ve had horses in the past like him that seem like nothing works. Feeding him more volume fails because he’s also picky. Rarely, will he finish his breakfast by lunch. To add injury to insult, he got an infection in his leg in the fall and and lost all the muscle tone we worked so hard to get. This winter, the horse was truly at ground zero. After meeting Mike at Redmond, we decided that this horse would be the best candidate for Daily Gold. He’s been on it for a few months now and the results are remarkable. Now, looking back at the symptoms, it was clear he had ulcers as the root cause of all his problems. The Daily Gold not only cooled out his gut, but also stimulated his appetite. It makes sense. On a side note, my wife never eats breakfast because of an upset stomach in the mornings. After Mike recommended Redmond Clay, ( the human grade daily gold), her GI issues subsided and now I scramble eggs for two instead of eating alone, but back to the horse. In the first week, I noticed our horse was finishing his breakfast like the others. Every day, it seemed there was a different horse in the stall. He had more flesh, more energy and better muscle tone. I’ve since taken him off every other supplement except Daily Gold. Instead of having to over feed, he eats a portion consistent with the other horses his size. I can’t stress enough how much Daily Gold has improved our horse’s condition. All of our horses are now on Daily Gold. We have discontinued our ulcer supplements with great results. I can testify that Daily Gold performs exactly as advertised.''

– Eric Thompson - Stella Farm Show Jumpers

"I have a 25 year old horse that I still use on occasion to breakaway off of. This winter he was looking great, even with it being a hard winter. I had the 125 pound EquiLix in the pen he was in and I would always see him eating on it. About 2 months ago, March 1, 2014, he started to drop weight. I thought he needed his teeth done again so I did that and I also wormed him, it helped a little but he still wasn’t where I wanted him to be. I tried the Total Equine and that almost seemed to make him worse. I kept trying to figure out what I was doing this winter that I wasn’t now. Well I didn’t have the EquiLix in his pen and was not feeding him the EquiPride. I took him off the Total Equine and put him on straight EquiPride and got another EquiLix and put it in front of him. This was a week ago, April 25, 2014, I have seen more improvement in just the last 7 days then I have in the last 2 months. I got him back on the EquiPride and the EquiLix and I predict that in a week and a half he will almost be back where he should be. I cannot say enough good things about the EquiPride and EquiLix products. I have all of our horses on them now again and they look great, feel great and work amazing. The EquiPride products do not make your horses hot and hard to work with, they make them feel good and want to work. I defiantly learned my lesson for not keeping EquiLix in front of my horses. Go and talk to the guys at Agri-Best they are very helpful and can answer any questions you may have. Thank you Agri-Best!!!!"

– Jacey Fortier - Laurel, Montana