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Arrowquip has become the world’s leading livestock manufacturer. Our cattle handling equipment has been through extensive research, design, and development. It’s because of this that Arrowquip can provide the world’s cattle handling industry with innovative design helping livestock producers manage their livestock safer, quicker, and thus becoming more profitable along with the industry best warranties - click here!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small cow-calf rancher, or a large feedlot, Arrowquip will have the most innovative equipment available ensuring that your ranch is operating at maximum efficiency, resulting in higher profit and more time to do the things that truly matter to you and your family.

Agri-Best Feeds also offers the full line of Gallagher scales that bolt directly on to the Arrowquip chutes – click here for more information on Gallagher.

Low Stress and Safe Cattle Handling 

The 5 Cattle Behaviors

  1. Cattle always want to see you
  2. Cattle want to go around you
  3. Cattle want to be with other cattle
  4. Cattle want to return to where they have been
  5. Cattle can only process one thing at a time

The 5 Freedoms Cattle Require

  1. Freedom from thirst and hunger
  2. Freedom from environmental challenges/discomfort
  3. Freedom from disease/injury
  4. Freedom from behavioral interactive restriction
  5. Freedom from anxiety, fear and distress

If we fail to provide the fifth freedom, we cannot provide any of the remaining four.

Arrowquip REDUCED chute prices February 15th 2023 - Call for new pricing

Our portable Arrowquip chutes have greatly improved the scope of our rural veterinary practice and have afforded our clients the option of safe, stress-free, efficient animal handling.For manual chutes, we really enjoy the durability, ease of use, and quiet operation our portable Q-Catch chutes provide. Stillwater Veterinary Clinic - Absarokee, MT - Dr. Jesse Olsen, DVM MS ★★★★★

Arrowquip's Vision: Inspiring Tomorrow's Rancher by Solving Problems Today

Custom Designed Systems

Full Cattle Handling Systems–Custom Designed for You

Call (866) 601-6646 to start your design and get a quote today!

Manual Cattle Squeeze Chutes

Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chutes

Portable Cattle Chutes & Equipment

Easy Flow Alleyways

Sorting Alleys

Gallagher Scales

Agri-Best Feeds has a full range of Gallagher Weigh Scales, Data Collectors, Loadbars, and EID Tag Readers. Gallagher loadbars can easily be bolted directly the Arrowquip hydraulic and manual chutes. If you have or are purchasing an Arrowquip chute or have a chute that you would like to upgrade to be able to weigh your animals, click HERE to check out what Gallagher has to offer.