NLV Agri-Best Feeds Value Added Program

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   Agri-Best Feeds has partnered with Northern Livestock Video Auction to bring a value added program to our customers who are using SweetPro; Redmond; or SweetPro & Redmond on their cattle marketed though Northern Livestock Video. Each lot will have the Agri-Best Feeds logo with the applicable program and a section for describing the feed program.  

   With nutrition being the foundation of cattle maximizing their genetic potential through health and performance along with nutrition's role in making vaccines work as desired, this program should give buyers more confidence in these cattle.

   To participate in this program Click Here for Program Page and talk with your Northern Livestock Video Rep. If you have any questions or need help with this program, call Agri-Best Feeds cattle specialist, Dwain Hould at 406 321-4517