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SweetPro Equipride Redmond Master Hand Milling Cattlemans Choice Aeroquip


Maximize animal health, forage utilization, and producer profits.

Based in Billings, Montana, Agri-Best Feeds is the regional marketing arm of SweetPro Feeds, offering the Sweet Pro, EquiPride and EquiLix line of products. Redmond Natural Trace Minerals rounds our product offering for cattle, other livestock, horses and wildlife.

Our highly knowledgeable dealer network services Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska and northern North Dakota. SweetPro Feeds is known for its new nutritional technology that improves performance, herd health, feed efficiency, and overall profits for livestock producers across the U.S and Canada. Redmond Natural Trace Minerals is a unique sea salt deposit with 60+ balanced minerals in crystalloid form and volcanic ash containing a plethora of minerals that promote overall better health and feed conversion.

Combined, they truly make super fuel for cattle and horses!

Last fall we fence-line weaned 285 calves on our hay meadows and SweetPro’s Kaf Kandi.  They immediately took to the Kaf Kandi and consumption was right where it was supposed to be.  The calves seemed to hold good bo… Read more

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