Pioneering Natural Solutions to Age-Old Problems

What if natural plant extracts could provide the keys to helping ranchers reduce the impact of biting insects and stress on their livestock and boost their bottom line? Agri-Best Feeds is excited to announce that these natural plant extracts are now available through their proven SweetPro and Redmond products!

Garlic Extract –

Ranchers have been using garlic extract in both SweetPro and Redmond products for a number of years as an economical and effective insect repellent with excellent results. Within a couple of weeks of starting on the products that include the garlic extract, ranchers have noted fewer flies on their livestock, and the flies that are still around don’t seem to bother the livestock much. Sheep producers have noted a noticeable reduction in ticks, which has not only benefited in animal performance, but also produced a bigger wool check. While the garlic extract is an excellent insect repellent, it also has numerous nutritional benefits because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics.  Agri-Best Feeds’ customers have seen so much benefit using the garlic extract in our horse products that now EquiLix and EquiPride, purchased through Agri-Best Feeds, come standard with garlic extract.

This past winter a couple of ranches who were having trouble with lice tried the garlic extract in SweetPro and Redmond. These ranchers were very pleased with the results.

Bio-Impact Garlic 12X in SweetPro or Redmond is all natural, effective, economical - around 3 cents per day - and will work well with other modes of insect control. 

Clove/Cinnamon/Chili Pepper Extract –

Agri-Best Feeds is excited about this extract blend that is now available in SweetPro and Redmond products. This particular blend of plant extracts has been shown to combat heat stress by improving blood flow, stimulating water intake, keeping cattle grazing even in the heat of the day, and stimulating more saliva production that helps regulate pH.

These extracts also have benefit beyond combating heat stress as they support gut health by helping optimize rumen function and minimize digestive stress. Gut health may be more important than we have been aware of – beyond simply digesting feed. Not only does the gut digest feed into the nutrients that an animal needs, but it is also 1) the home of a symbiotic microbial ecosystem; 2) has a large surface area which when functioning correctly contributes to 80% plus of the immune response; and 3) the gut is a sensory organ that detects and reacts to its environment (the gut/brain relationship).

While SweetPro and Redmond products improve gut health, these natural plant extracts have been shown to add additional support to good gut health. It seems that these extracts increase the mucus layer in the gut that protects against invading pathogens and intestinal inflammation.

This winter four ranches across Montana and Wyoming fed SweetPro with the blend of clove/cinnamon/chili pepper extracts to calves where they have historically and consistently had to treat digestive problems in their weaned calves. Even with the weather and stress challenges of this past winter, none of the four ranches had any out breaks of digestive issues with these calves.

These natural solutions to age-old problems meet consumers’ escalating expectations to move away from chemicals or antibiotics. These natural extracts are an economical addition to either SweetPro or Redmond and the improved gut health and insect repellent will lead to better growth efficiency and a good return on investment for ranchers.

Garlic extract and the clove/cinnamon/chili pepper blend of extracts supports and expands Agri-Best Feeds’ ability to meet their goals of improving animal health and performance, forage utilization, and maximizing producer’s profits. Proper nutrition and gut health are keys to maximizing genetic potential. For more information or pricing on the natural garlic extract or the clove/cinnamon/chili pepper extracts blend in either SweetPro or Redmond, please call 866 601-6646 or visit

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