Convenient and Economical Feed, Minerals, and Equipment

Feedlot Support

Foundation - SR 65

SR 65 (2/3 Redmond Volcanic Ash Conditioner 1/3 Redmond Sea Mineral) is a great foundation and support to any feedlot ration.    SR 65 supports rumen health and buffers the rumen to reduce bloat & acidosis issues better than sodium bicarbonate.  The Sea Mineral Salt in SR 65 contains 60+ balanced (similar mineral analysis as blood) minerals in crystalloid (most bioavailable) form and the Volcanic Ash Conditioner is also 60+ balanced minerals in colloidal form with excellent toxin binding characteristics.  This combination is an excellent mineral "tune up" and "safety net".

Combat Heat Stress

Plus - Natural Extracts

Premium - ProBioTein

Arrowquip Chutes and Panels

Soil Health

Those chutes are extremely quiet, low profile is an advantage when you place load bars under for scale. Sides open easy, but animal doesn’t swing out because of where vertical bars touch shoulders.  Did I mention they are quiet. Operating tail gate and head catch simultaneously, big advantage.  Built with good iron, look at competitors chutes and was disappointed at how they would bow out when squeeze was applied. Oh yeah did I mention they are quiet. Lund's B Bar Angus - Steve Lund Wibaux, MT ★★★★★