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Feedlot Support

Foundation - SR 65

SR 65 (2/3 Redmond Volcanic Ash Conditioner 1/3 Redmond Sea Mineral Salt) is a great foundation and support to any feedlot ration.  SR 65 supports rumen health and buffers the rumen to reduce bloat & acidosis issues better than sodium bicarbonate. The Sea Mineral Salt in SR 65 contains 60+ balanced (similar mineral analysis as blood) minerals in crystalloid (most bioavailable) form and the Volcanic Ash Conditioner is also 60+ balanced minerals in colloidal form with excellent toxin binding characteristics. This combination is an excellent mineral "tune up" and "safety net".

Both Redmond's Volcanic Ash Conditioner (Paradox Nutrition Trial) and Sea Mineral Salt (MSU Trial) support feed efficiency and gain.  SR 65 also seems to combat heat stress and a great toxin binder

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Kanas High Risk Feedlot Trial

Plus - Natural Extracts

Garlic Extract added to SR-65 is a great way to repel biting insects of any kind. Producers have noted less flies and those that are still around don't seem to bother the cattle as much. Garlic also is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Stress Blend (Cinnamon, Cloves, and Chili Pepper Extracts) have been shown the combat heat stress by improving blood flow, stimulating water intake, keeping cattle on feed, and stimulating more saliva production that helps regulate pH. Stress Blend also helps support good gut health by helping optimize rumen function and minimize digestive stress. Stress blend supports feed conversion.  Kanas High Risk Feedlot Trial shows that the inclusion of SR-50 or SR-50 with Stress Blend produces significant positive effects on overall health performance compared to the control group including reduced mortality and sick rates with faster recovery.

Receiving Tubs

Cattle Kandi Stress tubs are a great way to receive cattle. Packed with a full vitamin & mineral pack and a powerful digestive aid (Probiotein see below), these DDGS/CDS tubs are a great way to get receive cattle and get them started right!

Premium - Probiotein

SweetPro's proprietary digestive aid consisting of yeast cultured on fermented wheat, oats, barley malt, and flax producing a wide array of prebiotic fibers including MOS, FOS, XOS, AXOS and Bata-glucans. ProBiotein supports good gut health, helps your cattle reach their genetic potential and get more nutrients out of every bite of feed!

Arrowquip Chutes and Panels

Soil Health

Feed quality and quantity is important to most feed yards. SR-65 is not only a great foundation to a feedlot ration, it is also a great foundation as a soil amendment by supplying over 60+ minerals in their natural balance to support the biology in the soil.  Check out the Soil page to discover how Redmond's SR-65 can support soil health for corn and other crops.

Those chutes are extremely quiet, low profile is an advantage when you place load bars under for scale. Sides open easy, but animal doesn’t swing out because of where vertical bars touch shoulders.  Did I mention they are quiet. Operating tail gate and head catch simultaneously, big advantage.  Built with good iron, look at competitors chutes and was disappointed at how they would bow out when squeeze was applied. Oh yeah did I mention they are quiet. Lund's B Bar Angus - Steve Lund Wibaux, MT ★★★★★