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Introducing Redmond – Bison 90

Finally a bison mineral that is palatable and affordable.  Bison 90’s foundation is a sweetened Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt that contains 60+ crystalloid trace minerals in their natural balance and contains additional selenium, copper, manganese, cobalt, iodine, and zinc.  Bison 90 has been used in Canada for a number of years with great results, including improved reproduction, and is now being introduced in the states.  Download the Bison brochure by clicking – Bison Redmond  or check out some testimonial videos CLICK HERE.   More information available on Redmond’s Bison page.  For an estimate or information on ranch delivery, please call 866 601-6646.

Stop in and visit Redmond’s Bison Specialist, Wendell Mickelsen, at the Redmond Bison Booth at these upcoming events:

National Bison Association Winter Conference in Denver January 23-24.  Special guest at the Redmond Bison Booth will be Bison producer, Nathan Scott, from Beldon Bison in Saskatchewan.   Nathan was one of the live animal judges at the 2018 National Bison Association’s Gold Trophy Show and has been using the Bison 90.

Dakota Territory Winter Conference in Rapid City February 1-2.  Wendell will be speaking at 2:30 on the 2nd.

The Rocky Mountain Bison Association Convention in Denver March 2-3 Wendell will  be speaking at 3:10 on the 2nd at this event.

Both SweetPro and Redmond Natural Trace Mineral are great for all classes of livestock. We do have some slight variances in formulas, such as no added copper in the Sheep Blocks, to match the nutritional needs of each animal.

Please contact us with questions about your livestock and we will work with you to establish a feeding program that improves your animal health and performance; gets the most out of your feed sources; and improves your bottom line!

Visit Sweet Pro directly for more information.

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