Agri-Best Feeds - Sea Results

Agri-Best Feeds seeks to enhance farmers and ranchers' lives with uniquely better products and superior customer service.  We look to come along side of farmers and ranchers and help them get more out of the resources that they have.  While soil health is a complicated subject, there are some simple and economic ways to help support soil health in most all situations.

Healthy soil produces healthy plants.  Healthier plants have a higher brix (nutrient density) level which naturally produce higher quality plants and fruit, resist insects, and can even suppress weed population.

"The Lord Almighty is a wonderful teacher, and He gives the farmer great wisdom." Isaiah 28:29

Soil is the foundation of life. Healthy Soil produces Healthy Plants which supports Healthy Animals! Soil is a complex puzzle where all of the pieces need to fit together and work together.  

Agri-Best seeks to enhance farmers and ranchers lives by providing products that support each piece of the puzzle to maximize the genetic potential of the plants from crops, to hay, to native grasses! 


There are over 100 elements on the periodic table and each of them are important to maintain and sustain life. Just like a healthy society needs diversity of occupations (teachers, lawyers, doctors, plumbers, electricians, farmers, ranchers, etc.), healthy soil needs a diversity of nutrients and microbes to be healthy and to help maximize the genetic potential of the plants and produce that are grown on that soil. Healthy plants and produce support the health and performance of the people and animals that consume them.


Not only is diversity important, but balance is critically important for life. Just like a healthy society need a balance of occupations (we need plumbers - but if we only had plumbers, society would collapse), healthy soil needs a balance of nutrients and microbes. Balance maintains and allows soils to function to its fullest potential to maximize plant health and production.

Focus on the Microbes 

Agri-Best Feeds' products and approach has focused on the symbiotic relationship between livestock and the value of the microbial population that help them breakdown their feed stuffs. We support the environment for these microbes to reproduce and do what they were designed to do. When we support this diversity and balance of microbes in livestock, they get the most out of every bite of feed to give the animal the tools that they need to maximize their genetic potential and when they are spent (they have a short life cycle) they themselves provide additional nutrients to the animals.

It has been said that the rumen and the soil are very similar in the importance and the function of the microbes. When given the right environment and nutrients, the microbes in the soil multiply, do what they do (break down minerals in the soil to make them available to the plants, build the physical structure of the soil, attract other microbes, etc.) and then when they die provide additional nutrients and organic matter to the soil which can help improve organic matter, carbon, nitrogen, etc.

Redmond Products are a Great Foundation that Naturally Supports Good Soil Health

SEA Mineral:

Redmond sea mineral is a mined sea salt that has over 60+ trace minerals in their natural balance. These minerals are in crystalloid form which is the most bio-available from of mineral (able to go into solution and penetrate plant and animal cell membrane). The sea minerals are very high in Electrical Conductivity (EC).

Volcanic Ash:

Redmond Conditioner is a natural volcanic ash containing over 60+ naturally occurring trace mineral in colloidal form.  Volcanic ash is very high in Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).  

Redmond Natural Minerals also produces spectacular results when it comes to healthier plant growth.

  • Faster and healthier plant growth
  • Better color
  • Higher yields
  • Increased resistance to insects and disease
  • Frost resistant
  • Reduce fertilizer, chemical, and herbicide costs (Replace 25-50% of your commercial fertilizer, chemical, and herbicides)

What product to use?

Sandy Soil: SR65 (2/3 volcanic ash 1/3 sea minerals)

Heavier Soil: SR50 (1/2 volcanic ash 1/2 sea minerals)

Foliar: Sea Minerals (#10 Fine or #4 Coarse)

Spinner Spreader - SR Coarse Products

Air Machine or mixing with other fertilizers - SR Screened Products

Sea Results Application Rates: Chart

SR 65  or SR 50  100-200 lbs/ac dry application

Redmond Conditioner (volcanic ash) 100-200 lbs/ac dry application

Redmond Salt (sea mineral) 50-100 lbs/ac dry application; 5 lbs/ac 3-4 times throughout the growing season foliar application (through the sprayer or pivot and can make chemicals, herbicides, other fertilizers, etc work better so LESS is needed).  Note approximately 2 pounds of Redmond Sea mineral will go in suspension in a gallon of water.  

Sea Results are available in:

Bulk - SR 65; SR 50; SR 65 Coarse; SR 50 Coarse (New Screened SR Products available for a little over $30 more per ton); Conditioner; #4 Salt; #10 Salt 

2000lb Totes - SR 65; SR 50; SR 65 Coarse; SR 50 Coarse (New Screened SR Products available for a little over $30 more per ton); Conditioner; #4 Salt; #10 Salt

50lb bags - SR 65; Conditioner; #4 Salt; #10 Salt