It's in the Program - Livestock 3/20/2023

This recorded webinar starts with a recognition that most rancher's goals include - animal health/performance; forage utilization; and maximizing profitability.  We looked from the perspective that the crop is the forage (standing grass or hay) that ranchers have and the harvester is the livestock that convert that forage into high quality meat and milk.  The key to this is the symbiotic relationship between ruminants and the microbial population in the rumen.  We then looked at how the Agri-Best Feed's program (your forage + SweetPro + Redmond = a complete balanced ration) help livestock get up to 25% more digestible nutrients out of every bite of forage.  The Agri-Best Feeds Team hosted a live Q&A after the presentation that is also captured on this recording.

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