$85,000 Drought Relief Discounts Provided by Sweetpro and Agri-Best Feeds

SweetPro and Agri-Best Feeds teamed up to offer ranchers in drought areas of Montana an $80/ton discount on SweetPro between July 15th and September 1st. Ranchers across the region took advantage of the drought relief discount. Agri-Best Feeds delivered over 1060 tons of SweetPro directly to ranches suffering from D2 or higher drought which brought the total drought contribution of SweetPro and Agri-Best Feeds to over $85,000.

SweetPro is a complete supplement that not only fills in the gaps where the grass is lacking; it also helps cattle break their forage down better, resulting in cattle performing better on LESS grass. SweetPro’s nutritionist, Abe Scheaffer Ph. D., states, “The digestible fiber in SweetPro helps extend the use of a pasture, whereas the sugars in molasses or starches in grain increase forage consumption.”

This true feed efficiency is important all of the time, but critical in drought situations. For more information on Agri-Best Feeds or SweetPro visit their website at www.agribestfeeds.com or call 866 601-6646.