Actual Consumption

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  • Recommend 1 block per 25 head.
  • 1 250lb block will supply the supplemental needs the 25 head for 10 days at a pound/head/day
  • Measure product from the ground to top of remaining product (one inch aproximately 16lb of SP)

Because SweetPro is a complex carbrohydrate and cattle are created with the ability to take on a mineral load and protein load and utilize it over time, Ranchers can use space feeding to fine tune consumption. If cattle consume the product in less than the total days for the targeted consumption, simply don’t put more blocks out until the targeted day (Note: because we are feeding the mircobes in the rumen we recommend keeping the window of no SweetPro in front of your cows to 5 days – 2 days if you are using IGR). We recommend keeping free choice Redmond salt in front of your cows all the time.